Boson Technologies is a full-service website design consultancy based in New York. We have been producing high quality, cost effective web services for small-businesses, non-profit organisations, charities. We develop beautiful, customer-focused websites that are accessible and easy to use. We design our websites to a very high standard, ensuring the same functionality across various browsers and operating systems. Our style is typically clean, function over embellishment, simple, eloquent and intuitive in nature.

Our goal is to provide small businesses with effective online communication and sales tools; helping your small business maintain a professional online presence is our passion. We offer all of our clients one-on-one attention regardless of the project size, and we strive to provide our clients with quality designs and to develop using only standards compliant code and best-practice techniques.

We can offer our clients all the services without the overhead and fees generally associated with larger corporate design agencies by using a network of specialists per project basis. Besides talented individuals, our network includes production resources in printing, manufacturing, embroidery and silk-screening. We believe in creating personal, lasting relationships with all our clients. Having such a diverse network allows us to put together a team of experts that is highly specialized to fit the current project, thus saving the client time and energy by going to one creative source.